Spanish, English, German and Ukrainian for your classroom available now!

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Differentiated and levelled reading activities, formative assessments, individual student and class progress reports delivered in real time to you.Join today and receive 4 free trial weeks. means efficiency!

Organize student rosters, save preparation and grading time, differentiate learning goals according to student’s needs and track student’s progress – all in one app.

Comprehension questions to each text generate an automatic record trail. Individual and class scores are instantaneously accessible to the teacher!

Students, parents and teachers have a real time feedback and track record. Interventions can be assigned and monitored as needed.

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The app is especially designed for children and takes into account different learning speeds and levels. On top of that –
it helps teachers by reducing preparation and marking time! A win win situation. develops reading and language skills in first and second language evenly. is a flexible instructional tool that fosters creative and sustainable learning in various learning settings. Fiction and non-fiction texts cover a wide range of cross-curricular topics.