Develop your kid's reading skills with our exciting English language development app.

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Download the FREE version now! is an immersive, educational language development programme designed to help your child develop their English language skills on iPad and Android devices.

Your kids will have fun developing their reading skills with dozens of colourfully illustrated books using a wide vocabulary across a vast variety of topics

Each book is fully narrated by a professional voice actor in 'karaoke style' with words highlighted as they're read aloud
Progressive comprehension levels build your child's proficiency in the English language

Language learning developed by experts

Finally, a reading trainer app that's been developed by early literacy experts and approved by teachers!

Acclaimed authors of children's books have come together with the best speech therapists from around the world to team up with imaginative, creative illustrators to develop the English language development programme. The result is a playful, educational app for children to learn how to read, complete with professional-grade digital content, speech development training, exercises for reading comprehension and bonus materials designed specifically to help your child develop reading and listening skills.

The pedagogical methodology of helps our children not only develop reading skills, but to also master the English language across the four cornerstones of natural language ability:

Children's books for beginners, intermediate and even advanced reading abilities are spread across 9 progressive reading proficiency levels.


Children can record and play back their own voice, making up new endings to stories and practising pronunciation and enunciation.*

*Coming soon


Each book is narrated by a professional voice actor, allowing children to follow the words highlighted in karaoke style. The pace of narration naturally increases with every progressive comprehension level.


Each English children's book challenges students with a writing task which can be used in the classroom as writing frames and storyboards in English lessons.

The reading development programme for kids is teacher approved!

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Download the app for your child to practise reading today!

Free version for iPad, iOS, Android tablets and other Android devices for your child to enjoy:

  • One complete digital children's book in English on each comprehension level

  • Professional audio narration on the first five pages of each book

  • Extra free resources and helpful tips sent to your inbox in our optional newsletter

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